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In this paragraph, explain to your ideal client avatar that you understand the exact problem that they are going through, and that you are committed to helping them solve it. To the right of this section, you want to showcase the stats that you've had with your past clients. This will help build authority and develop trust with your potential client. 


I have helped over 50 clients in my business.


End their year as a six-figure business.

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In this section, introduce your offer. Focus on the main problem that you help your clients solve. How do they want their life to look like? Remind them that you can get help them get there. 

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This is a great place to add your client's testimonials. Video testimonials work best, or if adding a text testimonial, add your customer's photo. The right words can inspire and intrigue your audience, so they’re ready to take action on your site. To start telling your story, double click or click Edit Text.

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In this paragraph, explain to your ideal client avatar what it would like if they filled out your contact form.


If they see a simple three-step process (and understand that booking a call with you is no-commitment), they will feel more at ease during your "sales call."

You also want your ideal client avatar to envision how easy it would be to work with you.


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